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Note: This information is outdated. We have stopped using EFnet, and are now using irc.openprojects.net and irc.digitalkingdom.org. There is a web page for the channel on Openprojects.

We're often on #lojban on EFnet, in order to improve our skills in thinking quickly in Lojban. This is also the same channel that is used by Logfest attendees and other Lojbanists during almost every Logfest.


You can talk about anything in Lojban, or about Lojban in any language. Ordinary politeness is expected. In other words, don't beg for chanop privileges and don't flood.

Channel operators

This people should have operator status (these are nicks, not Lojban names):

Bots (I suggest velsku kurji mutyminji as the Lojban equivalent)

DuraMater and indecent are the only bots authorized by us. Indecent belongs to Rain, and DuraMater belongs to me. If any of them doesn't have channel operator status, please give it to them.

Offical chat dates and times

Xod recently arranged an official chat session. It was at the 22nd of April, 2000, and began at 23:00 UTC. There were few visitors. Still, I made a log of the first part of the discussion, and made it available here.

IRC channel logs


You can find Mircstats for #lojban on another site. You can also find Ircstats for #lojban and a word frequency list there. The two latter ones are automatically updated every day.
Arnt Richard Johansen, arj@fix.no