Some nice Lojban sentences, with translations

This page is intended as a piece of propaganda to compel you into learning the beautiful language of Lojban. Now, you may previously have seen examples of how long and convoluted Lojbanic sentences can become, when they are translated from English or another natural language. But now, I'll show you that the situation is quite opposite when one does it the other way around, with Lojban original sentences and English translations.
Lojban original English translation
doi ma What's your name?
coi .i'u Greetings, old friend!
ko mo What is it I am commanding you to do?
ju'opei zergau How certain are you that he's a criminal?
le sonci cu rorci da le ralju The soldier had a baby with the boss.
mi lumci le creka le grasu le rirxe I wash the grease off the shirt in the river.
mi ze'a stali ba zu le nu co'a di'i cliva I stayed for a while a long time after starting to leave regularly.
mi pritu lo dasni be lo mapku I am to the right of someone who wears a hat.
A: do citka ma
B: zu'i
A: What are you eating?
B: The usual.

Arnt Richard Johansen,