List of unofficial gismu

WARNING: These words are not approved by the LLG, and don't appear in any official material. Use at the risk of not being understood.

If you originated any of these, and find any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact me.

gismu    rafsi     keyword              definition
      CVV CCV CV'V
loglo              Loglandian           x1 reflects Loglan/Loglandian/Old Loglan/Institute Loglan/TLI Loglan culture/language in aspect x2
norgo         no'o Norwegian            x1 reflects Norwegian culture/nationality/language/geography in aspect x2
pitsa              pizza                x1 is a pizza [of type x2?]
spero              Esperanto            x1 reflects Esperanto culture/language in aspect x2
taksi              taxi                 x1 is a taxi/cab
tenga              Tengwar              x1 is a/the Tengwar character representing x2 (lerfu, sound or quote) [violates the final vowel rule: collides with tengu]
xorvo     xro      Croatian             x1 reflects Croatian culture/nationality/language/geography in aspect x2

Arnt Richard Johansen,