My music

Module music

All of the modules below are ZIPped. File name and size refers to the unpacked file.

Latest modules

File name Title Size Duration Date Description
brute.xm Brute force 26K 01:09 5th of September, 2005 Shortish chiptune.
anto.xm Anto 718K 04:32 14th of December, 2002

My first attempt at a goa trance track. Some good themes, but at its 4 and a half minutes, it's slightly shortish.

By the way, Anto is Quenya for "mouth". Not that this module has anything Elvish or Tolkienian about it, it's just a word that I drew out of thin air when I named the file at the first save, and that name, as they say, stuck.

Pay special attention to instrument 09. It's the only instrument I've spent more than 30 minutes tweaking, and I'm very happy with the result.

desirabl.xm Ta ikke alt så tungt 78K 01:28 21st of December, 2001 The bass pattern and rhythm of this tune suddenly came to me one evening in late November while I was studying for an exam in statistics. My computer was on, so I opened FastTracker II and jotted it down in case I forgot it. The following few evenings I was still cramming for the same exam, so of course I just had to fill in a melody line. This is the result. Hope you like it.
chipsuck.xm Chipsucker 10K 01:26 23rd of February, 2001 A short chipmod which almost exclusively uses looped waveforms that I've drawn by hand.
barne-tv.xm En enkel melodi 222K 00:42 2nd of July, 2000 Childish or childlike? Judge for yourself, but it's corny, at least.
pumamix.xm The Pumaleif Rave 472K 02:37 2nd of July, 2000 A remix of The Pumaleif Jam (original by Kim Freddy Mørk). My entry in the music compo at Midsummerlink 2000. Didn't win.
shopping.xm Shopping 11K 00:46 31st of October, 1999 A very short chipmod, trying to convey the mood of walking aimlessly through shops.
fredtore.xm Ode til Fred Tore 500K 02:46 24th of September, 1999 An ode to Fred Tore "Børre" Fagereng. Not really much "musical quality", it's more of an experiment, in which I try to make a song with my mouth only.
valley.xm Life in the valley 157K 02:29 10th of September, 1999 Not sure what style this is, maybe somewhere in between film music, progressive rock, and pop. (Or maybe not.)
fly-pigs.xm Flying pigs 395K 02:33 21st of August, 1999 Feeble attempt at techno-pop. (But less feeble than Ove har en liten mop.)

Earlier modules (pre-1998)

Until July 1999, I didn't have a sound card, and consequently, all of my modules were made on other people's computers. Some of them may have started out on my own box, using only the PC speaker (yes, it did sound disgusting). Anyway, here are some of the masterpieces of my past, that I've managed to dig out of hard disks, old 5,25 inch floppies, BBSes, etc.:
File name Title Size Duration Description
1.xm One 16K 02:22 Strange and minimalistic. With an experimental drumbeat and some electronic noises.
ove.xm Ove har en liten mop 195K 01:09 Parody of the folk song "Ole har en liten bil". Feeble attempt at techno-pop. The melody line was punched in by me & Sigurd Hansen. Drumbeat by Sigurd. Synth bass, grunting and other animal sounds by me (except the sheep, which are ripped from the Polish module "Party Sux"). Vocals by Ove Andersen.
pl-madns.xm Pipelined Madnesssss 43K 01:28 This tune is beyond description.
raane.xm Rånesangen 91K 01:28 The Tune of the Boar. Mostly samples from my Casio SA-1, supplemented by vocals by my uncle, Arne Johan Jacobsen (used without permission).
sludge.xm Sludge 91K 02:09 The first module I ever released. Sad, dissonant rockish tune. Made in the last week of my summer holiday. All of the instruments are ripped.
woop.xm Woop 116K 01:35 Happy-hardcore inspired tune made for fun. Most of the samples are from my Casio synth.

MP3 music

Title Size Duration Date Description
mcBagpipe 972K 02:03 July? 1995 This is a small tune played on my Casio SA-1, complete with rhythmic accompaniment. Recorded on a cassette recorder ca. July/August 1995 (when I was thirteen years old). Notice the quotation from the Norwegian national anthem!
Telehiv 580K 01:13 July? 1995 This one is also made on my trusty old Casio, and recorded on a cassette recorder. I've used only instrument nr. 76 (Telephone), which divides the keyboard into two parts: one with a line engaged tone, and the other with a dialing tone.

MIDI music

In 1999 and 2000, I had a school subject called Musikk og data (Music and computers), where we were taught how to use sequencer software like Cubase Score and Musicator, and also some elementary music theory. In my spare time, I've also had a go at a program called Musinum, which generates self-similar music from integer numbers.
Title Duration Description
..kk. 00:19 My MIDI rendering of the unofficial anthem of Akademisk Radioklubb, LA1K. The song is meant to be sung in unison, so there is only one voice. Here are the lyrics.
arj3.mid 03:06 A lively Musinum piece based mainly on the number 13.
Arjprime.mid 02:17 A slow, dark Musinum composition which reminds of those chilly days in March when the roads are covered with slowly melting ice.
Duh! 01:07 A silly tune I made in Roland Doremix during one of my first classes in M&D.
Hepp 00:17 This one could have become a decent fugue if I had worked a lot more on it. Made in Musicator during class.
Laus 00:22 This is the result of an assignment in M&D where we were to compose a short melody line in A minor and harmonize it.
Tråkk 00:47 A tune I sequenced in Cubase during class.