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The man who sued God

The man who sued God in 25 words or less:

Good plot idea ruined by bad screenwriting. Expected courtroom drama, got sitcom, slapstick and love story instead. Normally eloquent lead character sometimes inexplicably tongue-tied.

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Colourmap rotation

One of the things I like doing in the Gimp is this:

Original picture, with green grass Manipulated picture, with red grass

On the left: lawn with rock and axe, taken outside my parents' house this summer. On the right: the same picture, using Filters -> Colors -> Map -> Colormap rotation in the Gimp.

Of course, getting good results by colourmap rotation requires areas of some saturated, primary colour.

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Terragen section opened

I have uploaded many of my Terragen images, along with thumbnails and annotations at my new Terragen section. Expect more images to seep in as I finish them.

The pictures there are actually several years worth of production, but I waited this long to put them up because I figured it would be more interesting to look at a few pages worth of rendered landscapes rather than just one or two. Besides, I had to pay NVG to size up my disk quota a little bit first...

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