English retranslation

   -I intend to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a man that believed that angels didn't exist. During daytime, he was however visited by an angel while working in the forest.
   -I see...
   -The man, together with the angel, walked for a while. After that, the man turned to the angel, said: "Now I have to agree that angels exist. But you are not physical, similar to human beings." "What do you mean?" said the angel. And the man replied: "We came to a big rock. I had to walk a different path, but I saw you walk through it. We came to a big log that had fallen into the road. I had to crawl over it, but you walked through it." This answer confused the angel. The angel said: "Did you too see that we walked on a marsh? Then both you and I could walk through the fog. That was because we were much harder than the fog."
   -It's that way with us too, Sofie. Spirit can pass through doors of steel. Neither tanks nor bombers can break something made of spirit.
Arnt Richard Johansen, arj@fix.no