Nigerian spam collection

Welcome to my Nigerian/419 spam collection. My continuing goal is to collect at least one advance fee fraud e-mail from each of the countries of Africa.

Status: 34 down, 18 to go, 52 independent African countries in total.

You can help!

If you have spam from any of the countries that I haven't got yet, please don't hesitate forwarding them to me! Of course, I'll mangle your e-mail address before I post them here, but I will include your name, if it is in the header and you haven't explicitly asked to be anonymous.

Criteria for the determination of origin

This is a prioritised list of the data points used to determine the country for which a Nigerian spam should count. If the first criterion is indeterminable, one proceeds to the next, and so on.

I have instituted this rule because many 419 scammers use 1st world ISPs, so if one were to count the ISP as the country of origin, reaching my goal would be very difficult indeed. The downside is that 419 scammers lie about everything, so they could be lying about the relevant geographical information too.

  1. Country of origin of the deceased relative/the person from whom the offered money comes, as reported by the e-mail itself.
  2. Country of origin of that person as determined by other sources.
  3. Country of origin of the sender of the e-mail, as reported by themself.
  4. Country of residence of the sender of the e-mail, as reported by themself.
  5. Country to which the self-supplied contact information of the sender belongs.
  6. Country to which the ISP of the From:-field in the header belongs.

Wanted countries

Not independent countries

Already obtained countries


Countries from outside of Africa, former African countries and stuff to save if I ever want to try for DXCC in spam...