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TADS files for Norwegian

The discussion on an old blog posting on IFComp 2003 by Huftis mentions the fact that there are very few Norwegian text adventures known. As I read this, I realized in horror that I have had fully working TADS libraries on my hard drive since at least 2003 (or maybe even 2001), and I haven't shared them with anyone!

So, here they are. No rights reserved, except as mandated by the TADS licence.

They are based on the libraries for TADS version 2.5.5, so they are a little bit outdated. That's the downside of translating these things. But I have tested them with version 2.5.8 on Linux, and my little test game compiled nicely (except for a few warnings that seemed to make no difference).

I hope there will be many many Norwegian TADS games in the coming years, to make up for my sin of not releasing this right away.

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