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A while ago, I discovered the free movie archives at There are lots of fun videos there. One of the most downloaded videos is Perversion for Profit (downloadable in two parts), a 1964 propaganda movie in which George Putnam spends half an hour continuosly ranting against pornography. Personally, I find Come Join the Fun even more amusing, as it is an edited version of the above, in which George Putnam appears to have the totally oppsite opinion. I think people who form their opinions mostly out of what they see and hear on TV and the radio should watch this movie and compare it to the original, since it demonstrates, in a striking manner, how much you can distort what a person says, simply by splicing and pasting together the video.

Other highlights include Pipe Dream, a computer animation of a collection of music instruments played solely by steel balls shot out of PVC tubing, and The Turing Test, a computer-rendered game show in which three (partly fictionalized) AIs compete against each other about who can provide the most human-sounding answers.

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