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Yesterday evening I was listening to the podcast of the Norwegian radio programme Språkteigen, which is about the Norwegian language, and language in general. The last topic in the programme from April 6th (mp3, this direct link will probably disappear soon) was creaky voice. After a barrage of examples of creaky voices, a normal voice started reading the following passage:

Knirkestemme eller laryngalisering er en form for fonasjon der arytenoidbruskene i strupehodet dras tettere sammen enn normalt og stemmeleppene strammes ekstra opp. Det gjør at luftgjennomstrømmingen blir lavere og vibrasjonsfrekvensen går ned til omkring 20–50 pulser per sekund.

After the first ten words or so, this started to sound eerily familiar. Hadn't I read that before somewhere? Maybe it was from one of my old phonetics textbooks, but I had doubts that any textbook in Norwegian had this much physiological detail. Then it hit me. The reason it sounded familiar was that I had written it! It was a quote from the article on creaky voice on the Bokmål Wikipedia.

Of course my name wasn't mentioned (Wikipedia articles are written collaboratively, after all), but it sure was fun to hear my own text on national radio!

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