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It made me sad to hear that Bosnia and Hercegovina's national anthem from 1995, Jedna i Jedina, had been retired only a few years after its adoption. I realize that the lyrics may have been too Bosnian-oriented to use in a multiethnic state, but that melody was sooo beautiful. I have a CD with 60 or so national anthems, played by the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. I always thought that the Bosnian hymn was the best of the lot.

Yesterday, John Cowan sent me a pointer to National Anthems Reference Page, which has MIDI files, lyrics and sheet music for most national anthems, and some other hymns. This site rekindled my fascination with national anthems, and I decided to do some research to find out which anthem, since the old Bosnian anthem was replaced, is the world's nicest.

So now I've heard through maybe three quarters of the songs on the site, including those I've already heard elsewhere. Guess which non-fictional, current national anthem is at the top of my list?

Yes, indeed. The new Bosnian national anthem, made official in 1998, by the title of Intermeco. These people really know how to make patriotic music!

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