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Clean shoes

The youth club that I use to pass every time when I walk to the bus stop, appears to have been torn down, and entrepeneurs are busy building something new on the same site.

A large fence has been erected, which directs pedestrian traffic into the football field of the adjacent high school. This football field is very mud-prone, so after walking across it one day, my shoes became very dirty. I made a mental note to wash them sooner or later, but I never found the time nor energy to do so.

But then, only a few days later, the first snow came. And in the following days, lots of it. All the snow that I've trod in for the past few days appears to have actually worn all the dirt and mud away, without any deliberate efforth from my side. If I'd been a good boy and washed them earlier, none of this would have had any effect.

Laziness prevails!

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